Friday, November 27, 2020






Evoq Social: Simple and Powerful
Online Communities

  • 94% of clients confirm that they have more confidence in a personal recommendation than in a company’s advertisement. (Source: Forrester Research).
  • 45% of purchasing decisions are made before the buyer speaks with the sales representative. (Source: IDC)
  • 50% of the users of social media express concerns related to brands or services at least once a month. (Source: Nielson)
  • Social networks are social structures comprised of groups of people that are connected through one or various types of relationships, such as friendship, family relationships, common interests, or sharing knowledge and ideas of free expression (Source: Wikipedia).
  • Including users in the social network includes value to the network and this grows exponentially as the transactions in the same way. The value of the network consists of the value that adds each user. Including more users increases the use and value of the network. (Reed’s Law).


Implementation of the features of the Social Community on your web page with Evoq Social:

¿Why Evoq Social?

  • It increments sales by fomenting recommendations from within the community that increase the confidence of the buyers.
  • It attracts new clients and retains existing clients by fomenting support for the product or service that is being offered and by increasing the word of mouth recommendations that are received.
  • It handles product innovation by capturing the knowledge of clients and associates.
  • It reduces support costs by allowing users to give support to each other.


Integrates the social community on your website with Evoq Social:

Increase Sales: Evoq Social facilitates dialogue among buyers and prospective buyers, encouraging them through community recommendations, increasing buyer confidence, and helping visitors to make a decision to purchase based on the increased information that they have.

Attracting New Clients and Retaining Existing Clients: It identifies and foments support of the brand by increasing word of mouth recommendations.

It results in the generation of social content: It increments the conversion of sales and improves customer satisfaction. As a result of this, the community continually generates social content.

It helps with product innovation: It optimizes the development of products with community ideas (open external ideas). You will easily enable to capture and store information and organize social focus groups at low cost.

It improves Customer Service: It improves customer satisfaction by giving power to the customers and reliable peers In order to provide help and answers among themselves.

It reduces support costs: The support given by peers or clients reduces the internal support costs of the company.

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