Friday, November 27, 2020

Implementation of intranets based on DNN EVOQ – DotNetNuke

“The Intranet is a high–productivity system that results in huge savings with respect to daily management of tasks, with a high return on investment and a very short time to recover the amount of money that was invested in it.”


“An intranet permits communication, collaboration, search, and information sharing between the members of an organization’s team using a web browser.”


We are the largest integrator of Corporate Intranets based on
DNN – DotNetNuke in Latin America.

InnovAction is a Silver Certified Partner of DNN Corp. This means that we are the first and only Partner for the corporate development of Intranets and portals in Latin America.

This association directly benefits our clients since it enables us to offer and receive direct support from the corporation in the development of portals and corporate, mobile, and social intranets.

This is the result of InnovAction’s continuous effort to improve its service to our clients. InnovAction Group has successfully applied this framework for the last 12 years to the development of Web Portals and Intranet DNN – DotNetNuke.

We are the leading company in Latin America and Argentina and also the leading integrator for this technology. Our principle objective is the development of Intranets and to encourage the increased use of this tool. We dedicate ourselves full time to DNN – DotNetNuke projects.

We have developed specific human resources for the development of skins, contents, modules, and configuration managers.

Since 2002, we have implemented more than 300 corporate portals and Intranets based on DNN – DotNetNuke.

Among the most noted Intranets is the one we designed for Swiss Medical Group, which offers nearly 9000 employees communication services, company news, news regarding the industry from various sources, promotions for the employees, tutorials, on–line phone directory, videos, and document management, etc.

Other implementations that we have done include Intranets that we have designed for Sanatorio (Hospital) Mater Dei, ESAB Conarco, Enap Sipetrol (an oil company based in Argentina and Chile), Clinical Studies Intranet of the Austral University Hospital. In addition, we designed the Intranet for Banelco’s (Banelco is largest ATM Network In Argentina) deposit management system, the Intranet and Extranet of  REDELAC (network of dairy laboratories), MByL’s Consultants Intranet, the Intranet for property management of the city of Buenos Aires, the Intranet/Extranet for  Investigación Clínica en Latino América, the Intranet for Matriz Legal, the Project Management of Galicia Bank’s Intranet,  the portal of   Sanatorio Mater Dei.

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